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Why should I invest in Ripple and how to buy ripple in India at best price

Because Ripple is much sought after by institutions such as banks and companies that need to make transactions that involve the exchange of currencies and payments, Ripple has been growing and consolidating in the market. Large corporations and groups of banks have invested heavily in their open source platform to exploit technology and offer instant transactions around the world at the lowest possible rates. Recently, on Twitter , American Express credit card company  announced that it has joined Ripple's technology as well, and is counting on partnering with Santander UK to create a transaction channel between the United States and the United Kingdom. Here you can get detail about how to buy ethereum in India
Although this is great news for consumers who want to invest in Ripple, unfortunately these transactions are only used in Business to Business that is, to make payments and transactions between companies, and ripple is not yet used as a payment measure for services or products that can be purchased online. According to the CoinMarketCap, Ripple is ranked 4th in the ranking of crypto-coins with higher value, due to its liquidity, only losing to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.
Ripple or Bitcoin? Which one is better to invest?
Ripple looks like Bitcoin in many ways. Like Bitcoin, there is a limited number of Ripples that is available in the market. Both can be transferred from person to person without needing a third element getting involved in the transaction, and both have encryption. Ripple's available limit is between 100 billion, where half will be available to people who want to acquire it, and the other half will be retained by its creators. Do not think that because of its large limit of available crypto coins Ripple will be a competitor or rival of bit coin. On the contrary, it serves to complement its activity in the market. Ripple will be another facilitator for bit coins users and other crypto-coins, and it will be easy to make the negotiations or the investments because your transactions take seconds to materialize. Because of all most of user like to buy ethereum in India

So if you are inserted to know how to buy ripple in India then there are lot of sources which can help you to get knowledge about how to buy ripple in India


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